Post Transaction:

  • Effective cost of capital significantly lower for issuers through Crede Capital Group investments.


  • When warrants are included, minimal coverage and term used to lower effective discounts and lower the cost of capital.


  • Minimal use of warrants and their term lessens the accounting charge to earnings and net worth.


  • Market perception more favorable than registered direct or private placements. No fear of registered directs “stripping of warrants and selling off of common.”


  • Terms and conditions significantly better under Crede Capital Group investments; no anti-dilution protection, versus full-ratchet protection in Registered Direct transactions and Private Placements.


  • As capital is deployed by issuer towards value-creation, future raises may occur at higher prices in “commitment and serial fundings.”


  •  In addition to capital, Crede Capital Group has affiliated ties to the top IR firms. We have the ability to sponsor portfolio companies at conferences with arranged non-deal roadshows, analyst and media coverage.


  • We arrange and structure Joint Ventures to enhance shareholder value and lower the cost of capital for our portfolio companies.


Our portfolio companies have increased nearly 20% since our investments have been announced, significantly outperforming Registered Direct transactions and Private Placements.